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Geistl. und weltl. Chorliteratur

Geistl. und weltl. Chorliteratur

Plummer (ID, USA) 

Datum: 30.08.1995

Konzertkritik der Gazette vom 06.09.1995

Big crowd greets choir at concert in Plummer

A large, enthusiastic crowd greeted the Karlsruhe University Choir for its performance at the Plummer Middle School gymnasium Aug. 30. More than 175 people attended the concert, one of several the choir will perform during its two-week tour of the United States. In comparison to the population of the area, the crowd that attended the choir's performance in Plummer may be the largest it encounters during its tour. The choir sang a variety of German songs, many of them love songs, as well as a few selections in English, during its 85-minute performance. The mood of the crowd following the performance was evident by the standing ovation it gave the choir. The choir's visit was coordinated by Bill and Lela Morris who were married in Germany more than 40 years ago and have visited there often. "We were just delighted beyond words," Mr. Morris said. "We could hardly imagine that many people would have come. Everyone we spoke with were so glad they came."

Huge task

It was no small job arranging for the choir's two-day visit to Plummer. Eleven host families providing food and lodging for the 45 members of the choir, the director and the bus driver, Mr. Morris said. The lifetime area resident credits his wife with arranging the visit. "They appealed to me when they were considering a visit, but when it got right down to brass tacks and they asked us to make the final arrangements, Lela took over," he said.

Many friends

The choir may have made a positive impression during its performance, but members of the choir may have made an even bigger impression with their host-families, Mr. Morris said. "After they had kept these young people, many of the people were crying when they left," he said. "There were some real strong friendships developed." The Karlsruhe University Choir was founded almost 20 years ago. Since 1984 the choir has toured Spain, France, Hungary, Poland, Greece, Austria and - Plummer, Idaho.

Dan Hammes

Gazette Record, 83681, Sept. 6, 1995

Artikel der Gazette vom 06.09.1995

German choir presented award

Lela Morris presented the Karlsruhe choir with an award from the city of Plummer, signed by Harold Whitley, Plummer mayor, Aug. 28. The choir presented six concerts in touring the area. Choir members took time to experience the beauty lifestyle of northern Idaho.

They went on a tour of the St. Joe River stopping for lunch at the Big Eddy. Mechanical difficulties delayed the return trip, though they did arrive in time to attend a community dessert social, in their honor at the Plummer Community Center. They met their host families; twelve local families which housed the students during their stay.

A group of dancers performed several Indian dances and presented the choir with a gift as a sign of welcome and appreciation. Those who danced, included: Butch Nomee, Sam Eli, Bernie Twoteeth, Shammie Brown, Joseph and Grace Lachnit, and David Swan, with Punkie Lachnit acting as master of ceremonies.

The day of the concert, the group visited Rocky Point and went on motorboat rides and had a picnic, prepared by Mrs. Morris and Verna Colley, with the help of Deanne Morris and Debbie Halstead.

Following the Plummer performance, the choir presented the Morrises with a plate, which was endorsed by the mayor of Karlsruhe in appreciation of their hospitality and efforts in helping the group arrange the tour.

Julie Miller

Gazette Record, 83861, Sept. 6, 1995